Enrich your Sokoban Online experience with these extra features!

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Game Upgrades

  • Upgrade to PRO!

    Upgrade to PRO!

    A PRO member is an upgrade from a Basic member, and includes many new and exciting features. You can become a PRO member for a one-time fee of $0.99. In addition to all the Basic member features, these are the additional benefits of becoming a PRO member:

    • Build up to 100 puzzles, with the option of adding more at any time.
    • Receive the character "The Bandit" to play as.
    • Add personality to your playable character by selecting from eight different colors.
    • No advertisements.
    • And many more benefits in the future!


  • The Alien

    The Alien

    No one really knows where the Alien came from, or how he became part of the Sokoban Online cast. Some say that they saw him arrive on a mysterious alien spaceship, while others claim that he escaped from a secret government facility. Regardless of how the Alien arrived, he has seemed to strike up a mysterious friendship with the Bandit.

  • The Wizard

    The Wizard

    The Wizard is the oldest and wisest member of the Sokoban Online cast. During his glory days, he used to mentor Box Man by showing him how to push boxes at an old run down warehouse. He would tell Box Man that he was preparing him for something important. With the recent increase in crime from the Bandit and the mysterious appearance of the Alien, the Wizard just might be on to something.

  • The Penguin

    The Penguin

    As a loyal pet to the Wizard, the Penguin has learned enough skills to become the only animal that has successfully completed a Sokoban puzzle. Since his large belly gets in the way of his wings, he is forced to use his beak to push boxes. The Penguin longs to lose enough weight one day so that his dream of pushing boxes with his wings becomes a reality.

  • The Robot

    The Robot

    The Robot was originally part of a failed experiment conducted by the Bandit. The Bandit wanted to use the Robot to solve Sokoban puzzles with perfect accuracy. However, the experiment backfired on the Bandit when the Robot realized that he wanted to experience freedom. Years have passed since the Robot escaped the grasp of the Bandit, and the Robot still enjoys playing Sokoban puzzles every once in a while.

  • The Ninja

    The Ninja

    Every week, the Ninja teaches a martial arts class in the same neighborhood as the Wizard and Penguin. The Penguin frequently attends the Ninja's classes in an attempt to shed a few pounds. After a few visits, the Penguin and the Ninja became good friends. The Penguin introduced the Ninja to Sokoban, and the Ninja has been drop kicking boxes ever since.


Puzzle Quota

  • +100 Quota

    +100 Quota

    Increase the amount of puzzles you can publish by 100 puzzles.

  • +500 Quota

    +500 Quota

    Increase the amount of puzzles you can publish by 500 puzzles. Save $1.00!

  • +1,000 Quota

    +1,000 Quota

    Increase the amount of puzzles you can publish by 1,000 puzzles. Save $2.00!