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Sokoban® is a registered trademark of Falcon Co., Ltd., Japan.
Sokoban is copyright © 1982-2012 by Hiroyuki Imabayashi, Japan.
Sokoban is copyright © 1989, 1990, 2001-2012 by Falcon Co., Ltd., Japan.

Sokoban Online is copyright © 2011-2014 by Uphill Studio LLC. All rights reserved.
Each puzzle is property of the respective author. Please do not reproduce or copy their work.

What is Sokoban Online?

A Brief History of Sokoban

Sokoban Online is a spin-off from the classic puzzle game, Sokoban. In 1982, Hiroyuki Imabayashi created one of the greatest puzzle games of all time: Sokoban. The idea of Sokoban was simple: To push boxes onto goals. As it turned out, solving a Sokoban puzzle was much harder than what the simple idea suggested. This simple yet complex concept created a puzzle game that was addicting and fun to play. Over the years, Sokoban has been gradually becoming more and more obscure because of the lack of well-made Sokoban games by independent companies. In a nutshell, Sokoban Online is an attempt to restore and revolutionize the game of Sokoban.

The Sokoban Revolution

Sokoban Online was created to revolutionize the way Sokoban is played. As the name suggests, Sokoban Online is 100% "online". This means that every aspect of the game is shared with other Sokoban Online members. Here are some of the features that Sokoban Online has to offer:

  • Play and build Sokoban puzzles directly through the Sokoban Online website.
  • Scores and personal statistics are automatically saved to help keep track of progress.
  • Compete against other Sokoban Online members and make new friends.

Thinking Outside the Box

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of Sokoban Online is the introduction of modern Sokoban puzzles. Modern Sokoban puzzles put a whole new spin on how Sokoban is played. In addition to the classic boxes and goals, there is now a multitude of new game objects that will put your puzzle solving skills to the ultimate test. Some of the new game objects include Colored Boxes, Ice Floor, Holes, Portals, and Rails. To learn more about how the new game objects work, check out the How to Play help page.


Jeff Grasso


Creative Director

Michel van den Brink


Technical Director

Cameron Proudlock

Server Administrator

Special Thanks

Chris Hampton

Music Composer

Micah Rodney

Graphic Artist

Leeland Johnson

Graphic Artist