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    One of the great features is Sokoban Online is the Love A Puzzle icon. To create a quick reference to a puzzle you can't yet solve but want to come back to and keep trying, just click the heart icon. Then, when you want to resume working on it, look on your Member Profile page in the My Loved Puzzles section. Click on it and you're back to work.
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    Jimbim Pro
    Congratulations to Kasarino on reaching 600k, a fantastic score!
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    • Eugene64's avatar
      @steyrwolf: Your percentage of GOLD Trophies is 98,94%`but mine is only 72,25%.`Now you know who is really incredible player.
    • Eugene64's avatar
      @steyrwolf: On every 100 solved puzzles in 99 you can find best score. That's really impress me.
    • Jimbim's avatar
      Jimbim Pro
      @steyrwolf: Thanks to you and Eugene64 for those incredible statistiscs. I now understand why the up and down swings are so extreme. You guys really are amazing players!
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    Jimbim Pro
    Congratulations Jorge, 700k wow, those sunglasses really work :-)
    • kasarino's avatar
      Congratulations Eugene64 and Jorge Gloria with 700+K ! But I will overcome you sometime :)
    • steyrwolf's avatar
      My deep respect to the 700K-Experienced!
    • Jorge Gloria's avatar
      @Jimbim: Thans my friends
  • Jorge Gloria's avatar
    Congratulations Eugene64: 700.000 EXP. Very expressive score.
  • blockpusher50's avatar
    Is there any reason the posts on this very Community Talk have to be erased when they get too old? I mean, we definitely shouldn't be able to comment on a 6-month-old post, but we should at least be able to see them after they're archived.