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  • sooshicat's avatar
    an absolutely atrocious question: are any new mechanics going to be introduced into modern sokoban? perhaps a new kind of player that pulls boxes from all directions instead of pushing boxes, an object that when pointed at a box, repels the box or repels itself away from the box, etc.
    • Gelonidres's avatar
      @sooshicat: Some new mechanics have been announced for version 4.0 in the official Uphill Studio discord. #dev-updates)
    • 39cool's avatar
      39cool Pro
      @sooshicat: A lot of new mechanoics are going to be added in 4.0. The best way to keep track is by joining the discord, but they will ocasionally post updates here aswell.
  • Jorge Gloria's avatar
    Some portals puzzles have errors, even when a legal solution is obtained. Even solutions that others found and were awarded with the golden trophy.
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    • Jonathan Handojo's avatar
      @Jorge Gloria: All the people who solved it there know why it failed. Malice asked me about it through email, I responded, and now his/her score is up there. I can send you why it failed, though it may be hard for you to grasp why.
    • Gelonidres's avatar
      @Jorge Gloria: I tended to get an error after a sleeping player travelled through the portal. I could fix this by swapping players (pressing E twice) and then continuing to play as normal. I don't see the need / benefit to keeping this a secret passed on through emails, to be honest.
    • steyrwolf's avatar
      @Gelonidres: Thank you so much! This phenomenon is really strange!
  • Dewed's avatar
    Does anyone know what the portal bug is? I've seen people say to avoid it. But I haven't seen how. All I know is it results in errors.
    • 39cool's avatar
      39cool Pro
      @Dewed: I'll semd you a PM explaining all 3 portal bugs (not right now though, I'm extremely tired atm)
  • mathycatty's avatar
    How do I see my hearted puzzles lol.
    • Michel's avatar
      Michel Staff
      @mathycatty: They are on your profile page. Click on your name in the top right of the site (or with every one of your posted messages here)
  • sardinakawkaw's avatar
    I think it would be nice if the silver and bronze trophies would be attributed to the second and third *players* in order of best scores (that is, shortest paths). This would allow more room for difficult puzzles. If the I am the only player to score 100, 102 and 104, maybe it wouldl be better to allow a player with 106 to get a trophy...
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    • Jorge Gloria's avatar
      @sardinakawkaw: Yes, the current scoring system.
    • steyrwolf's avatar
      @Dewed: But, again, to compare Sooban with sports is wrong, and nobody is hindered to solve a puzzle with optimum solution at any time, as first or with dozens of others - the optimum number of steps is property of that very puzzle.
    • Dewed's avatar
      @steyrwolf: Sorry I said anything ... I'm trying to quit and seeking help.
  • Jonathan Handojo's avatar
    Anyone wanna guess the first member to ever join Sokoban Online (or Boxxle Online)? I don't even know the answer myself, but I know the member who's been active for the longest since joining Boxxle Online.
  • Dewed's avatar
    How do you submit a puzzle? I solved it. But then it makes me go back to the builder. I can never find submit.
  • Dewed's avatar
    Why do some puzzles say First Solve gets 5 points ... and some don't? Both solved and unsolved say it
  • Jonathan Handojo's avatar
    How can your Sokoban Online system find something like this: Quarter Relaxed 2

    I highly doubt it's copycatting, because I trust that these two builders are just genius to think it down. But more often than not that small puzzles tend to have more probability of existing than large ones, especially classic.
  • Jeffrey's avatar
    Jeffrey Staff
    Quick update! Starting in January 2021, plans are in place to begin finishing the massive update which is Sokoban Online v4.0.

    On the design and front-end, everything is finished. We are currently programming this massive project and the bulk of it will be finished mid-2021, with an official release probably near the end of 2021.
  • vroy's avatar
    vroy Pro
    Jellywhale is not the author of Maffia City Puzzle 1 and 2. Those puzzles should be deleted.