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  • qqwref's avatar
    I wonder, how many puzzles are unsolved in the collection? Which ones have been tried the most often?
  • Akainamill's avatar
    Hi all! Where can I find the Lessons #1-1 puzzle in the web archive? ( Lesson 1 1 )
    • steyrwolf's avatar
      @Akainamill: Not in the section "Web Archive",, but in the section "Lessons"! Lesson 1 1 - is that what you are asking for?
    • Akainamill's avatar
      @steyrwolf: I did find it there but I wasn't looking for it originally there because it's an old puzzle and I thought it would be uploaded somewhere else.
  • bjertrup's avatar
    Two suggestions 1. A lurd uploader! Just published my last 2900+ puzzle for SokobanOnline. 2. I like to be registered as having solved my puzzle when I upload it.
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    • vroy's avatar
      vroy Pro
      @Michel: Is there a planning for a probable date of this update?
    • bjertrup's avatar
      @bjertrup: Actually my suggestion for a lurd uploader was only for uploading solutions for constructed puzzles. A bit selfish maybe... About getting your points the easy or the hard way? A lurd uploader makes it easier. Using an autosolver makes it easier. Finding solutions on the net makes it easier. Using an optimizer makes it easier to find short solutions...
    • bjertrup's avatar
      @bjertrup: Getting high scores, making optimal solutions...Just shows you like Sokoban and got a lot of time to spend on it. That isn't to bad :-)
  • Jimbim's avatar
    Jimbim Pro
    Well done Eugene64, 800K and counting!
    • Eugene64's avatar
      @Jimbim: Thanks! :)
  • kasarino's avatar
    @Eugene64: congratulations with 800K+ !
    • Eugene64's avatar
      @kasarino: Thank you very much. :)
  • ModPlex's avatar
    Please check the level.
    • Jeffrey's avatar
      Jeffrey Staff
      @ModPlex: Which level?
  • ModPlex's avatar
  • ModPlex's avatar
    New member
  • eiimiis's avatar
    Hello Sokoban players,... there is challenge to solve puzzle with 50 or less steps, because I know that it's possible: Micah - House of Illusion - HOI 03- The Foyer
  • Jimbim's avatar
    Jimbim Pro
    I have been working on my puzzles solved with no trophy this week. Sometimes I can only improve a couple of steps at a time and I end up with several intermediate scores. This pushes other players further down the score list, sometimes with the loss of a trophy, which is not my intention at all and I would prefer that only my highest score counts. How do other players feel about this? For example, if somebody is the third highest scoring player, should they get bronze or not?
  • bluebird859's avatar