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These are the default controls for playing Sokoban Online:

  • Arrow keys for movement.
  • U for undo.
  • R for reset.
  • E for swapping Players (when a Twin Player is present).

All of the controls in Sokoban Online can be remapped to your liking through the Settings tab.


The goal of the puzzle is to push all of the boxes onto the goals while sticking to these rules:

  • Only one box can be pushed at a time.
  • A box cannot be pulled.
  • The player cannot walk through boxes or walls.
  • The puzzle is solved when all boxes are on the goals.
  • When multiple types of boxes are involved all boxes must on their corresponding goals to solve the puzzzle (ex. Heart Boxes on Heart Goals, Club Boxes on Club Goals).
  • Wild card boxes (boxes with a question mark on them) do not have any goals.