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Choose Your Own Puzzle #1

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  1. Micah
  2. Thu, April 05, 2012
  3. Played: 134 Solved: 74 Uniquely Solved: 37
  1. Best Solution: 27 steps Your Best: You're not logged in!
  2. I'm experimenting with a new type of Sokoban Puzzle. (Or at least I've never seen one like this). It provides multiple paths so that you can choose the puzzle you face while trying to get the block to the goal (hence the name, choose your own puzzle). I'd appreciate if, when you beat it, you tell me your time, steps and whether you took the red or green portal, just to give me ideas of how to balance it out. For this test, both puzzles are fairly simple, I'm trying to start this idea out light.


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  • 27 steps
    Rank 1 +10 EXP
  • 28 steps
    Rank 2 +5 EXP
  • 29 steps
    Rank 3 +3 EXP
  • Any steps
    First Solve +5 EXP

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  • Micah's avatar
    Micah Pro
    106 steps- Red Portal
  • Micah's avatar
    Micah Pro
    35 steps- Green Portal