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1000th Puzzle

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Puzzle Info

  1. Jonathan Handojo
  2. Sat, August 10, 2019
  3. Played: 27 Solved: 4 Uniquely Solved: 3
  1. Best Solution: 3,862 steps Your Best: You're not logged in!
  2. After being a Sokoban Online member for 7 years 10 months and 29 days, I have finally reached my 1000th puzzle. Since it's a lot of boxes, I doubt a lot of people will try this, but it's quite the challenge. It's been a long journey, but it won't stop as I try to keep Sokoban Online as entertaining as possible.


Top Solutions

EXP Chart

  • 3,862 steps
    Rank 1 +10 EXP
  • 5,392 steps
    Rank 2 +5 EXP
  • 9,208 steps
    Rank 3 +3 EXP
  • Any steps
    First Solve +5 EXP

Latest Solutions

  • 3,862 steps
    vroy August 18, 2019
  • 5,392 steps
    vroy August 17, 2019
  • 9,464 steps
    gloria August 12, 2019
  • 9,208 steps
    tasy489 August 11, 2019

Puzzle Talk

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  • 39cool's avatar
    39cool Pro
    1000 puzzles really lives up to this
  • vroy's avatar
    vroy Pro
    I can't believe I could solve this nightmare !!!
    • Jonathan Handojo's avatar
      @vroy: Lol, I kinda knew you would say that. Nicely done!
  • gloria's avatar
    Love love loved this puzzle Jonathan. Took several false starts but I got there and I'm so grateful for your puzzle brain. Congrats on the 1000th
    • Jonathan Handojo's avatar
      @gloria: Haha, thanks Gloria, and well done! That's my aim as a puzzle builder... to make players go "YES, I FINALLY GOT IT!!!" when they solved a very difficult puzzle. And in this case, you.
  • geometree's avatar
    Thx for all the inspiration, Jonathon.
    • Jonathan Handojo's avatar
      @geometree: No worries geometree, I got some of my ideas from you too. Hopefully my puzzles and yours will keep Sokoban Online's wheels spinning.
  • Dewed's avatar
    Congrats on the 1000th puzzle. I took about 10 steps and gave up lol. It's pretty locked in.
    • Jonathan Handojo's avatar
      @Dewed: Thanks buddy. Yes, this Puzzle is very difficult. I think I took 4 days to just solve this.