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Boxed out

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Puzzle Info

  1. diaz
  2. Mon, September 08, 2014
  3. Played: 100 Solved: 26 Uniquely Solved: 18
  1. Best Solution: 125 steps Your Best: You're not logged in!


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EXP Chart

  • 125 steps
    Rank 1 +10 EXP
  • 129 steps
    Rank 2 +5 EXP
  • 131 steps
    Rank 3 +3 EXP
  • Any steps
    First Solve +5 EXP

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  • backhoes's avatar
    Thanks for an intriguing puzzle - Boxed out. So far only 129, still working to equal or better Malice.
    Symmetry has lead me to try solving it from the sides, but that leads nowhere close to 125.
    • diaz's avatar
      @backhoes: My pleasure backhoes. I don't think it is possible to get less than 125, Malice is quite exceptional when it comes to these symmetrical type puzzles. If you wish to try though I will send you the first few moves of 125 solution by e-mail.
    • backhoes's avatar
      @diaz: With your help, I'm at 125. This puzzle has never left my mind, always lurking in the background. But to keep sane, I just banned myself from more hours ending in failure. Now, thanks to you, some peace of mind.
  • diaz's avatar
    Wow Malice ! That is an excellent score. I knew 128 was possible. I shall have to look again :-)