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A very easy puzzle

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Puzzle Info

  1. diaz
  2. Mon, May 15, 2017
  3. Played: 165 Solved: 55 Uniquely Solved: 36
  1. Best Solution: 51 steps Your Best: You're not logged in!
  2. Inspired by A very hard puzzle


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  • 51 steps
    Rank 1 +10 EXP
  • 53 steps
    Rank 2 +5 EXP
  • 55 steps
    Rank 3 +3 EXP
  • Any steps
    First Solve +5 EXP

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  • diaz's avatar
    Marmalade sandwiches - food for thought ?
  • geometree's avatar
    I have not tried it yet, but your definition of easy might not be the same as mine. Define easy.
    • diaz's avatar
      @geometree: That all depends. For someone who has solved many puzzles this is not difficult, but for a beginner it might be tricky.
    • vroy's avatar
      vroy Pro
      @diaz: I thought it was an ironic reference to "A very hard puzzle" that was so easy.
    • diaz's avatar
      @vroy: I think it likely that the title of that puzzle is itself ironic.