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The Morning Sun

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Puzzle Info

  1. 39clues
  2. Sun, May 31, 2020
  3. Played: 30 Solved: 21 Uniquely Solved: 17
  1. Best Solution: 352 steps Your Best: You're not logged in!
  2. Enter the morning sun, Venus!

    Exploration starts on this fiery planet with small spaceships, mining systems, and more to come!

    (Art Level, but this may not be the easiest 15 xp you've gotten)


Top Solutions

EXP Chart

  • 352 steps
    Rank 1 +10 EXP
  • 366 steps
    Rank 2 +5 EXP
  • 393 steps
    Rank 3 +3 EXP
  • Any steps
    First Solve +5 EXP

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  • 39cool's avatar
    39cool Pro
    Gold! Yes!
    • 39clues's avatar
      @39cool: nice job
  • 39cool's avatar
    39cool Pro
    all objects that you don't need to use: the magnet switches, the twin player, all the portals, the entire left half of the puzzle and all the teal and purple doors, and you only need 8 wild boxes