Types of Members

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Guests are anyone who visits Sokoban Online without signing up or logging in. Signing up or logging in is not required to play Sokoban Online.

None of your scores will be saved when you solve a puzzle as a Guest. In addition, you will not receive any of the benefits that Basic or PRO members have.

Basic Members

A Basic member is the member status you will be given after signing up to Sokoban Online. It is completely free, and will always be free. As a Basic member, you are allowed to play every puzzle that is offered on Sokoban Online. In addition, there are also many features and benefits of being a Basic member:

  • Have your scores saved automatically for every puzzle.
  • Choose between Box Man or Box Girl to play as.
  • Have your own profile and customize it to match your personality.
  • Build up to 10 puzzles for anyone to play (puzzles will be placed in the Miscellaneous puzzle pack).
  • Gain experience points and compete with other Sokoban Online members to reach the highest experience level.
  • The ability to view your overall ranking.
  • The ability to track your progress and view your personal statistics.
  • Become part of the best Sokoban community on the planet.

PRO Members

A Pro member is an upgrade from a Basic member, and includes many new and exciting features. You can become a PRO member for a one-time fee of $1.99USD by purchasing it through the Shop tab. In addition to all the Basic member features, these are the additional benefits of becoming a PRO member:

  • Build your own exclusive puzzle packs in Community Puzzles for the whole world to see and play.
  • Access the Puzzle Manager, a system that helps you manage and organize all of your puzzles.
  • Build up to 100 puzzles, with the option of adding more at any time.
  • Receive the character "The Bandit" to play as.
  • No advertisements.
  • And more benefits in the future!

Please note that all future updates, improvements, and additions to Pro accounts will be free for life.