Community and Puzzle Talk

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On the Community tab you will find the Community Talk message system. It is a place that allows all of our members to express their thoughts and feeling at any given time. Members who are logged in can add messages to the Community Talk while guests can only view previously posted messages.

Reply to an existing message by clicking the Reply button underneath the message. Replying allows you to start a more conversation oriented thread within the Talk.

To send your message, click the "Post Message" or "Post Reply" button, or press the ENTER key on your keyboard. To start a new line within your message, hold down the SHIFT key and press ENTER.

At the bottom of every puzzle page, there is a similar feature available, called Puzzle Talk. Where the Community Talk is for more general discussion, the Puzzle Talk is meant for the specific puzzle only.

Special Codes

Normal HTML is disabled in the Community Talk and Puzzle Talk but, some special codes do exist. These codes enable you to link to other pages.

To create a hyperlink to another page within Sokoban Online, simply paste the full URL into your post. Links to puzzles will automatically be detected and formatted for you. Only links to Sokoban Online pages will be converted into clickable hyperlinks.

To create a custom link, use the [page] tag. The [page] tag does not require you to include the full URL, only the part after the domain name.

It's basic syntax is: [page=URL]TEXT[/page] where you replace URL with the page's URL and TEXT with the text that becomes clickable.


Go to the [page=/play]Play[/page] tab.

Will transform into:

Go to the Play tab.

It also allows you to link to puzzles or puzzle packs. Again, just include their URL:


Make sure you play [page=/play/tutorial-puzzles/lesson-4-ice-floor/4846_lesson-4-2]Lesson #4-2[/page], it's a great ice puzzle!

Will transform into:

Make sure you play Lesson #4-2, it's a great ice puzzle!