EXP and Levels

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Experience Points (EXP)

Experience Points (or EXP for short) are a way to find out how well you are progressing in Sokoban Online. EXP can be earned in a variety of different ways while playing Sokoban Online. Listed below are all the ways on how to gain EXP:

Solving Puzzles

For every unique puzzle you solve you will earn 5 EXP.

In addition to the 5 EXP, depending on your ranking, you have the ability to earn additional EXP with trophies.

Trophies and additional EXP

Every trophy you earn while solving a puzzle has a certain amount of EXP attached to it. If you place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in a puzzle, you will earn a trophy. If your ranking is overtaken by another member, you will lose the trophy you had. This means you will also lose the EXP attached to that trophy. Here are the EXP values attached to each type of trophy:

  • Gold Trophy (1st Place): 10 EXP
  • Silver Trophy (2nd Place): 5 EXP 
  • Bronze Trophy (3rd Place): 3 EXP

To learn more about trophies, visit the Collectibles and Unlockables help page.

Building Puzzles

For every puzzle you build and publish, you will earn 5 EXP.

Solving your own puzzles does not earn you any EXP. This would be unfair, as you always know the solution.


Levels are a good way to accurately represent the skill a member of Sokoban Online has. The higher the Level, the more skill the member has. Every new Sokoban Online member starts out at Level 1. To reach Level 2, 50 EXP is required. As the Levels progress, more and more EXP is needed to reach the next Level. Listed below are the first 5 Levels:

  • Level 1: 0 EXP Needed
  • Level 2: 50 EXP Needed
  • Level 3: 110 EXP Needed
  • Level 4: 180 EXP Needed
  • Level 5: 260 EXP Needed