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  • 39cool's avatar
    39cool Pro
    hi guys! I have been back after a few months... i am currently working on a puzzle!
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    • Jorge Gloria's avatar
      @39cool: We live an eternal learning
    • Rest_Tremor's avatar
      @39cool: The main thing that the mind worked. If the brain stops working - it starts with mental stagnation, and then stupidity.
    • Jorge Gloria's avatar
      @Rest_Tremor: It's true. Our mind has to be always working. Sokoban is an excellent exercise for the mind
  • bjertrup's avatar
    23 levels named classic xx published by Jorge Gloria are copies from the Dries de Clercq collection "696". Why do that? You know how to make your own levels. Editor: I am sure classic level 1-3 are by Jorge himself so I suggest you remove the classic levels 4-30.
    • Jorge Gloria's avatar
      @bjertrup: Forgive me but I didn't know that the levels had been copied. A friend suggested me and I published them without proper attention. Jeffrey, delete all, please
    • bjertrup's avatar
      @Jorge Gloria: Thank you for the explanation. My world is back to normal
    • Jeffrey's avatar
      Jeffrey Staff
      Deleted 4-30.
  • Jorge Gloria's avatar
    Jorge Gloria PRO
    Happy Birthday Jeffrey. God bless you my friend.
  • geometree's avatar
    Here are 4 puzzles that only have one player with gold. If you know another then please list it. Jeff, what could we call this type of puzzle?
    Colorban 25
    Ho Ho Ho
    All For One