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  • sardinakawkaw's avatar
    I think it would be nice if the silver and bronze trophies would be attributed to the second and third *players* in order of best scores (that is, shortest paths). This would allow more room for difficult puzzles. If the I am the only player to score 100, 102 and 104, maybe it wouldl be better to allow a player with 106 to get a trophy...
  • Jonathan Handojo's avatar
    Anyone wanna guess the first member to ever join Sokoban Online (or Boxxle Online)? I don't even know the answer myself, but I know the member who's been active for the longest since joining Boxxle Online.
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    • Jorge Gloria's avatar
      @Jonathan Handojo: Truth.
      Many new players have no idea of ​​the changes that have been made from Boxxle Online to Sokoban Online. I was privileged to have been the only player to play all Boxxle Online puzzles.
    • hcthepro's avatar
      @Jorge Gloria: bye bye is the best name ever
    • Jorge Gloria's avatar
      @hcthepro: I agree hahaha
  • Dewed's avatar
    How do you submit a puzzle? I solved it. But then it makes me go back to the builder. I can never find submit.
    • Dewed's avatar
      @Dewed: Nevermind ... now I feel stupiderer
    • 39cool's avatar
      39cool Pro
      @Dewed: Prime example of why deleting comments should be a thing.
    • Michel's avatar
      Michel Staff
      @39cool: You can delete your own posts for 1 minute after posting.
  • Dewed's avatar
    Why do some puzzles say First Solve gets 5 points ... and some don't? Both solved and unsolved say it
    • 39cool's avatar
      39cool Pro
      @Dewed: Another weird thing with a similar topic is sometimes, when only one person has solved a puzzle, the system will automatically assume the second and third place scores. Like, imagine a puzzle where only one person had solved it, and he had solved it in 49 steps. For some reason though, the system might say "second place: 57 steps, third place: 71 steps".
    • diceman's avatar
      @39cool: I think it's percentage based. In Midnight Club, a Car Racing-Game, it worked similarly with Checkpoint-Challenges. Once you created your own challenges and recorded your score, the game would automatically create threshholds for Silver and Bronze, each a percentage based on your score. It's a decent system, I think.
    • hcthepro's avatar
      @diceman: also happens in trackmania
  • Jonathan Handojo's avatar
    How can your Sokoban Online system find something like this: Quarter Relaxed 2

    I highly doubt it's copycatting, because I trust that these two builders are just genius to think it down. But more often than not that small puzzles tend to have more probability of existing than large ones, especially classic.
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    • Jonathan Handojo's avatar
      @39cool: There's no system yet in place. But as mikearcher said, it's not really that hard of a thing to develop a program to check if two puzzles are a duplicate of each other regardless of rotation or flipped cause the logic is easy to crack. Mikearcher has one himself. Pretty sure SO has one too. I can also write one if I want to. Modern puzzles can be slightly more challenging because of ice and portals.

      We don't have the full database of the levels. Only SO has that, so...
    • mikearcher's avatar
      @Jonathan Handojo: Instead of calculating a hash code for each level, you just calculate 8 hash codes instead (one for each rotation / flip) and store the numerically lowest one.
    • sardinakawkaw's avatar
      @Jonathan Handojo: see also Choriban 26
  • Jeffrey's avatar
    Jeffrey Staff
    Quick update! Starting in January 2021, plans are in place to begin finishing the massive update which is Sokoban Online v4.0.

    On the design and front-end, everything is finished. We are currently programming this massive project and the bulk of it will be finished mid-2021, with an official release probably near the end of 2021.
  • vroy's avatar
    vroy Pro
    Jellywhale is not the author of Maffia City Puzzle 1 and 2. Those puzzles should be deleted.
  • Gelonidres's avatar
    I just saw that mikearcher solved Main Collection 277 in over 100,000 steps. What is the level with the longest gold solution on the site and how many are there with more than 100,000 steps?
  • Jonathan Handojo's avatar
    Hah, some new record up there with the "One move solves all" puzzle, where one member covers all 10 of the latest solutions
  • Jonathan Handojo's avatar
    Taking the "Web Archive" out, we have reached just up to 9k puzzles being published by the community here. How many percentage of the puzzles here are classic and how many are modern?
  • hcthepro's avatar
    what do you like: 1. a puzzle every day for a series 2. a puzzle twice a week for a series 3. a puzzle once a week 4. 2 puzzles a month 5. 1 puzzle a month i personally like .2 cause when you publish less frequently you get better puzzle for example i publish like 1/2 puzzles a month cause i like quality and something you can look up to rather than a really boring puzzle?